"Made in China" depends on "Service in China"

Nov 14, 2011  |  by

As we all know, in the past few years, China’s clothing foreign trade faced a bottleneck in its development: the demand of China's clothing production from the international market has been weakened, and some American and European orders have been transferred to the Southeast Asian countries and others; therefore, the trade protection has been increasingly intensified. In response to this phenomenon, some people can not help but ask: "What is China's competitiveness of foreign trade garment enterprises?" Sun Ruizhe, VP of China National Textile & Apparel Council, stated at the forum that this is not enough to stop the continuation of the competitiveness of China’s clothing.

Sun said: "China's garment industry supporting advantages could not be replaced by some countries in the next 10 or even 20 years. A base number can give us such an explanation: China accounts for 31% global trade in textiles and clothing, while Vietnam and West Bengal together only account for 3% of worldwide share. It can be seen that China’s garment industry supporting advantages play an important role, and it is our competitive power. I believe that this comparative advantage is mainly reflected in ‘service in China’; therefore, way out of ‘made in China’ will depend on ‘service in China’.” Sun also expressed that “ShiningHub International Foreign Apparel Trade Platform” abandons the mode of working in isolation in a closed environment in the past apparel companies, and forms a kind of new integrated innovative one, promoting their integration through the Internet to achieve an orderly and healthy competition.  

Dr. Zheng Yusheng, a tenured professor in the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania as well as the professor in Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, believes that seen from the garment industry, facing the “chain and chain” competition with the Southeast Asian countries, how to optimize the links is very important. He also said that under the current economic situation, the transformation of Chinese garment enterprises relies on the services from a large number of professional bodies. Such third-party service as “ShiningHub International Foreign Apparel Trade Platform” is a kind of very good way to deal with.

Zheng Yusheng points out that “a good business mode must be a win-win or multi-win profit mode, which should first create value for customers and contribute to society, and then consider their profits. The mode, which can bring about value for the society as well as the customers, certainly be profitable, and it is a sustainable thing.” Zheng stated that whether a company is great or not depends on its significance to the industry as well as China’s economy and the society, but not to how many profits it has earned. “What ShiningHub’s value lies in is to save costs for buyers and sellers, which can significantly promote the development of the industry.”




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