ShiningHub Aims to “Service in China

Nov 14, 2011  |  by

There are always two interest communities in the foreign trade industrial chain: purchasers and suppliers. If it is an essential condition for China’s garment foreign-trade enterprises to constantly improve product quality, then the choice of quality business partners is a necessary condition for enterprise evergreen. There is a saying in China “two beings destined to marry each other, though born a thousand miles apart, can be tied together by a single string.” How can both find their right “loved one” while saving time and efforts? Currently, e-commerce is the first to bear the brunt thanks to its advantages, and many companies who make fortunes through internet compete to be the first to serve as the “matchmaker”. However, owing to the lack of in-depth understanding of the characteristics of the mainstream industry, these companies cannot match the needs of the details; therefore, their growth potential is clearly insufficient.


In this regard, clothing and other mainstream industries can achieve the integration of resources online and offline. Then, how will China clothing foreign trade maximize the value of these new industry enterprises?  

Recently, a high-end forum themed on “the application breakthrough of mainstream industry embracing the Internet” has been held on Beijing. During the forum, China's first free international apparel trade platform – “ShiningHub International Foreign Apparel Trade Platform” – firstly released by Zhejiang ShiningHub Co., Ltd., was officially launched. The President of ShiningHub, Justin Chen, expressed that he himself, as a practitioner in the field of garment exports in foreign trade for 20 years, knows well that an efficient, high quality, honest, and transparent trading platform as well as an independent and impartial third-party service providers can not only greatly reduce business costs for purchasers and suppliers, but also better tap the potential value neglected in the domestic apparel industry chain.



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