China (Humen) Maternity and Baby Industry Forum: To be practical, to see success

Jan 17, 2018  |  by Flora

2017 China (Humen) Maternity and Baby Industry Forum was held during the 22nd China (Humen) International Fashion Fair. Kidswear, as a characteristic industry in Humen, has become the second only to women’s garment industrial cluster in recent years.
At present, China’s textile and apparel industry is in a period of full transition. The maternity and baby industries are also facing structural adjustments. Innovation has been a topic in various industries. Under the backdrop of transformation and upgrading, how to break the original forum forms? To further broaden the field of concern not only requires focus on the kidswear industry, but also attaches importance to the development of the entire maternity and baby industry.
Prior to this, the forum has seen two successful sessions and become a high-profile brand activity during the fashion fair in Humen. In 2017, the upgraded forum focused on “To Be Practical, To See Success”, aiming to fill in the blank in the maternity and baby industry training activities.
This forum is sponsored by China National Garment Association - Kidswear Committee, and co-organized by Media Center of China National Textile and Apparel Council, “China Kidswear” new media, China Textile Magazine, China (Humen) International Fashion Fair Organizing Committee, and Humen Clothing Technology Innovation Center.
Relevant leaders from various organizations and enterprises from all over the country participated in this forum.

Zhou Yiqi, full-time vice president of China National Garment Association, addressed the forum, saying that the Chinese kidswear just started along the brand road, and is facing challenges and opportunities in face of the changes in consumption and commerce. The good news is that the kidswear industry has maintained a steady growth basically. In addition, the expansion of the application of digital, network and customized technologies in the industry will play an important boosting role, while the revolution in science and technology will be the support for the future development of the kidswear industry.  

Huang Peimin, vice mayor of Humen Town People’s Government, Dongguan City, said in his speech that in recent years Humen kidswear industry has gradually formed a solid industrial foundation, a huge industrial scale and a complete industrial chain. As of now, there are more than 700 kidswear enterprises and more than 100 brands of a certain regional influence, with annual sales of over 10 billion RMB. It can be said that Humen is enjoying considerable advantages in the development of maternity and baby industry. The forum this year is to jointly explore the future development of the industry in order to follow closely the market trend, advancing with the times. Further expansion, not limited to the kidswear, will help local enterprises to enhance their competitiveness. 
Social contact leads value conversion and achieves business expansion
In this forum, Zhu Cheng, president of Jiangsu CHAN Garment Co., Ltd., gave a speech on the theme of “new retail under social e-commerce supplier”. According to Zhu Cheng, in the mobile Internet era, you need to have enough groups of fish, and if you are the big fish that leads these groups of fish, the ability and method to get together these small fish is a must. “WeChat commerce + chain stores + e-commerce” needs to be established step by step. The brick-and-mortar stores will witness very serious polarization in the future and increasingly higher competition barriers.

Zhu Cheng believes that the traditional “B2C” model is gradually transformed into “S2B2C”: “S” is the WeChat business on the present platform. And it will definitely be upgraded, so there is no need to rush to deny such business. A still profitable model has its own value. It is now the best time to grasp these opportunities in the era of the times. What is the core value of their own fist products? Then sell these products and values, so that they can share to their favorite consumer groups. This is the power of social drive and transformation, and it is also one of the most powerful and practical forces at present.
Brand is a living species
Xie Aimin, president and creative director of Folli Follie Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., delivered a speech titled “Brand Value beyond the Competition”. He pointed out that thanks to the rising consumption brought by the ever-increasing consumption group, new consumer awareness and the concept of childcare, China’s maternal and child products industry is doomed to a welcome a 20-year prosperous market in the future, and the market capacity will gradually increase to 550 - 700 billion RMB. After years of development, the maternity and baby industry has shifted from a single product competition to competition in enterprise system resources. The control of sales channels and terminals, the mastery of advertising effectiveness, and understanding of consumers’ consumption behavior all deeply influence the overall operation of the enterprise.

Xie Aimin believes that the essence is that the brand should be regarded as a living species, and the most suitable brand of the surrounding ecology (macro ecology, competitive ecology, consumer ecology, policy ecology, supply chain ecology, etc.) can become a healthy brand. The system has systematic tools and steps to build a strong brand for future ecology through the revamping of its brand DNA (positioning, core values, character, appeal and brand inheritance, etc.) and its integrated marketing project.
Therefore, the brand Folli Follie is positioned as an international luxury brand based on the comprehensive consideration of the current Chinese children’s clothing industry, the ecological environment, competitive ecology, consumer ecology and many other factors. Strong brand building needs to have a strong foundation and right of speech.
Visual sense occupies the new frontier of marketing
Qu Jing, President & senior consultant of Shenzhen Garment Association, made a speech themed on “How kidswear companies use visual merchandising to create competitiveness”, pointing out that the earliest visual merchandising formed a system in the United States and its application and system development are mainly in Japan. Visual merchandising (VMD) is a marketing approach that plans merchandising and store management as a sales strategy to visually induce customers to realize the value of their goods, thus gaining a competitive edge.

In recent years, visual merchandising has been gaining more and attention in fashion, clothing accessories, supermarkets, home furniture and other fields. To this end, she pointed out that if you want to do a good job of visual merchandising, you need to pay attention to the following three points, one is to highlight the value of the product; the second is to take the commodity as the protagonist; the third is to follow the “three easy” display principles. In the explosive growth of e-commerce, for children’s clothing stores, it is very important to quickly and effectively attract consumers into the store through visual merchandising and window display.
The three keynote speakers analyzed the multi-faceted multidimensional analysis of the huge capacity market for the maternity and baby industry, the comprehensive consideration of survival strategies in the fierce competition, strategic layouts required, advance predictions and actual combat experience .
The successful holding of the forum will help local enterprises to enhance their competitiveness and promote the development of the regional maternity and baby industry, and promote the great development of Humen’s regional economy. This is also the purpose of this forum.



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