Gao Yong emphasized the need to continuously expand the share of the private economy

Dec 26, 2019  |  by CT
From December 11th to 12th, Gao Yong, secretary of the Party Committee and secretary-general of China National Textile and Apparel Council, was accompanied by Gu Ping, chairman of the China Textile Machinery Association, and Tian Fuhai, chairman of the Shaanxi Textile Industry Association, successively inspected textile enterprises and garment colleges and universities in Xianyang and Baoji. The enterprises and clothing colleges inspected, participated in the symposium on textile and clothing enterprises held by the Baoji Municipal Government, and exchanged ideas with the leaders of the Baoji Municipal Committee and Municipal Government on the development of the local textile industry. Gao Yong emphasized that there are many scientific research institutes in Shaanxi, and the advantages of developing the textile and clothing industry are obvious. The key issue is to emancipate the mind, change concepts, and continuously expand the share of the private economy. It should be guided by “science and technology, fashion, and green” and guided by the market, the products must follow the path of “specialized, refined, special, excellent”, actively develop the fashion industry, and take a new path of high-quality and rapid development of Shaanxi textiles.

In recent years, Baoji’s textile industry has focused on supply-side structural reforms and vigorously promoted high-quality development. The industry has maintained rapid growth, and ranked in the forefront of the province in terms of textile production capacity and scale. At the corporate symposium hosted by Baoji Municipal Government, Secretary Gao Yong pointed out that Baoji Textile has a glorious tradition. Shenxin Yarn Mill is the earliest national industry in China, and Northwest Machinery Plant is the earliest cotton spinning equipment manufacturer in China. Baoji is also the third largest textile base in Shaanxi after Xianyang and Xi’an. Gao Yong hoped that the Baoji Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government would strongly support the development of the textile and apparel industry, strive to play the role of a central city, expand the production capacity of advantageous enterprises according to local conditions, and put some relatively simple production in rural areas. At present, for the Baoji textile and apparel industry, we must actively undertake the transfer of eastern production capacity. First, we must take over the market and orders. At the same time, we must accelerate technological transformation and product structure adjustment, and continuously increase the capacity of industrial textiles. The third is to learn from Henan, combining industrial poverty alleviation and precision poverty alleviation, and build garment factories in poor areas. The member of the Standing Committee of the Baoji Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor Zeng Dechao said during the discussion that the textile industry is a traditional characteristic industry, a livelihood industry and an export advantage industry in Baoji City, and one of the key development industries of “1553” of Baoji. We must increase the docking with China National Textile and Apparel Council, seek cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. After the meeting, Secretary Gao Yong also exchanged views with Baoji Mayor Hui Jincai and Baoji Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary Wu Tie on the development of Baoji’s textile and apparel industry.



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