2019 Keqiao Fashion Week (Autumn) presents 70th anniversary of New China

Oct 16, 2019  |  by CT

On September 30th, the closing ceremony of “Oriental Genes, Inheritance and Innovation” was held at the Keqiao China Textile CBD·Oriental Milan International Fashion Show Center. The five-day fashion festival also ended successfully.

Opening show - naked eye 3D holographic projection technology debut

Keqiao Fashion Trends Show, as the opening ceremony of 2019 Keqiao Fashion Week (Autumn), for the first time, has adopted the naked-eye 3D holographic projection technology to present a beautiful show. Together with Chidoo Holding Group Co., Ltd., YA'S-TEX, and Zhejiang Songjing Textile Co., Ltd., as well as the fashion designer Wang Yutao, brand designers Li Weigang and Li Kun, the show gave an interpretation to the value connotation of culture leading fashion transformation.

As Xia Lingmin, Vice President of China National Textile and Apparel Council, said that Keqiao Fashion Week always maintains the core features of fashion and creative fabrics, with technology, fashion and green as the value-oriented, driving Keqiao to build a new industrial structure and a new industrial ecology, full of power, radiation, concentration and competitiveness .

Zhao Rulang, District Chief of Shaoxing Keqiao District People’s Government, pointed out that after years of development, Keqiao Fashion Week is presenting increasingly distinct features with a larger scale and better influence. Relying on the unique advantage of “industry + market”, Keqiao has opened a new model of “fashion + manufacturing”, “fashion + design” and “fashion + service”, making Keqiao more fashionable and international.

International show
During the fashion week, “Romantic Meeting – Paris & Milan Fashion Show” brought together Alex Rotin, the main designer of the Chanel Haute Couture Designer Group, Selim Gouaned, the main designer of Yoxeone, and the cutting-edge designer Dgena Mouclier from Paris, as well as Angelo Cruciani, the founder of the Italian fashion brand Yezael, interpreting the elegance and romance of women’s wear and men’s wear with the romantic and beautiful fashion design art, so that the domestic audience can enjoy the style of international brands without going abroad. In addition, the “Milan·Keqiao Pavilion Signing Ceremony” was held during the Fashion Week.

Local business show
During the event, six fashion shows from local businesses in Keqiao highlighted the event, including Damask Silk Petticoats Show, BCY Art Clothing Show, Xeqi & KAKAEVE Haute Couture Show, ABORAMM - “digital era” 2020 S/S Show, Light & Heat — Nicai Textile 2020 Technology and Fashion Down Jacket Show, Hengli & Zhuole Haute Couture Show.

Theme Static Exhibition & Innovation Design Exhibition
As an important part of the Fashion Week, “2020 Fashion Innovation Design Exhibition” and “2020 S/S Theme Static Exhibition and Exchanges”were deeply interconnected and integrated with Keqiao Textile Expo. Among them, “2020 Fashion Innovation Design Exhibition” showcased the trend of international frontier trends and textile technology innovation products in three sections: fashion trend release area, innovation technology display area and original design match-making area. “2020 S/S Theme Static Exhibition and Exchanges” exhibited the new products of Changyiyuan Aesthetics Space and Shaoxing Meixian Import & Export Co., Ltd. (BGT).

Street show
In the “City Show· Fashion Brand Collection Show”, the outstanding performances of VDS, IDG, ME&CITY, etc. in Keqiao China Textile CBD were gathered. Taking the brand-new “experience” of Keqiao fashion lifestyle as the concept, the activity integrated the diversified labels of fashion culture through the static display of brands, brand dynamic shows, and graffiti art experience interaction, etc.

Theme forums
In addition, during the Fashion Week, there were also forums focusing on2020/21 A /W Women’ Fabrics China the challenge of new environmentally friendly materials and market opportunities.

Closing show
On September 30th, the closing ceremony theme on “Oriental Genes, Inheritance and Innovation” was held in Keqiao China Textile CBD·Oriental Milan International Fashion Center, during which the national first-class actor Yang Wu, Ling Yali, leading designer of Ling Yali Original Design Master Studio, and Wei Ting, Feng Xixi brand manager also joined the event, from different perspectives, using different design concepts and expression techniques to interpret the oriental genes and show the world the new charm of Chinese traditional culture.




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