How does the Industrial Internet promote the high-quality development of the industry?

2019 The First China Textile 4.0 Forum was held in Keqiao
Jul 16, 2019  |  by CT
In order to promote the high-quality development of textile industry, promote the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and textile industry, and accelerate the innovative application of industrial Internet in textile industry. On June 23, the first China Textile 4.0 Forum was held in Keqiao in 2019. With the theme of “Textile re: invent”, this forum further explores the development path of China’s textile industry Internet and helps China to realize a strong textile industry. The conference is guided by China National Textile and Apparel Council, hosted by China Textile Industry Internet Alliance, China Textile Enterprise Association, supported by the People’s Government of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, organized by Keqiao District Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Huansi Intelligent Technology Inc. and co-organized by Beijing Shuzhi.AI Co., Ltd.

Operate from a strategically advantageous position, the future is promising
Textile industry is a traditional pillar industry, an important livelihood industry and an industry that creates new international advantages. Since the reform and opening up, the development of textile industry has made remarkable achievements, and realized the great transformation of the industry from small to large and from big to strong. At present, China’s economy has changed from the stage of high-speed growth to the stage of high-quality development. How to transform and upgrade the textile industry to achieve high-quality development, and to transform into innovation-driven science and technology industry, responsibility-oriented green industry and culture-led fashion industry has become an important proposition of the times.
Xia Lingmin made a keynote report on “Promoting the Construction of Industrial Internet to Promote High-Quality Development of the Industry”. He said that the industrial Internet is the product of the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing. It has realized the comprehensive link of the whole factor, the whole industry chain and the full value chain, and profoundly changed the traditional production mode of the manufacturing industry. By constructing an accurate, real-time and efficient data collection and interconnection system, Industrial Internet realizes optimal allocation of resources, improves total factor productivity, and promotes quality change, efficiency change and dynamic change of economic development. Therefore, the textile industry actively promotes the development of industrial Internet and empowers. The transformation and upgrading of the industry will bring new technologies, new models and new changes to the industry, which is of great significance for realizing the high-quality development of the industry and building a textile power.
Xia Lingmin made a report on “the urgent need of textile industry for the development of Internet in textile industry”, “the good foundation for the development of Internet in textile industry”, “the rapid development of Internet in textile industry”, “the main problems facing”, “the main tasks for the development of Internet in textile industry in the next stage” and “measures and suggestions”.
Xia Lingmin emphasized that he suggested that the textile industry should be listed as a key industry to promote the development of industrial Internet. China National Textile and Apparel Council attaches great importance to the development of industrial Internet in the textile industry. It takes the lead in formulating a three-year action plan for the development of industrial Internet in the manufacturing industry. It has done a lot of work by establishing industrial Internet alliances, conducting pilot demonstrations and organizing exchanges and cooperation, which has greatly promoted the development of industrial Internet in the textile industry, and has achieved remarkable results.
Experience sharing of big names in the Industry
With the deep integration of information technology and traditional textile industry, industrial Internet technology is constantly promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. This is not only the demand of industrial development, but also the need of the transformation of the mode of national economic development. It is based on efficient coordination, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, optimizes the upstream and downstream ecological system of talents, capital, design and manufacturing, and clarifies the development orientation of “science and technology, fashion and green”. This forum invites relevant enterprises from all links of the industrial chain to disseminate the advanced and authoritative ideas and theoretical system to the participants.
Brainstorming, sharing and planning
In order to highlight the theoretical guidance and business development significance of the participants for the development of Internet in textile industry, a round-table forum was set up to invite He Chun, chairman of Dalian Xinhe Group Co., Ltd., Huang Fuxin, vice president of products of Beijing Shuzhi.AI Co., Ltd., Xia Jiguo, president of Anhui Honren (Group) Co., Ltd., Chen Yu, general manager of Yunqi Partners, and Yu Xiangpin, the executive vice-president of Quanzhou Haitian Material Technology Co., Ltd., launched a brainstorming campaign as representatives, and conducted discussions and made speeches by the representatives. They said that in the era of industrial internet, the transformation and development of China’s textile industry must change ideas and unified ideas, make full use of the advantages of the Internet, big data, e-commerce, and promote industrial structure optimization, industrial supply chain reform, industrial ecosystem construction.



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