How much do you know about this fiber?

May 29, 2019  |  by CT
Super cotton-like fiber has become a hot commodity in the best-selling market at present. Reporters in recent interviews with several polyester fiber production enterprises learned that, since this year, with Nike, Adidas, ANTA and other well-known sports brands on the purchase of super cotton-like fabrics rapid release, demand transmission upstream, fabric weaving customers on these chemical fiber enterprises to produce super cotton-like fiber orders continue to increase. The responsible person of Shenghong Group said to the reporters: “The order quantity of a super cotton-like fiber of the company has been scheduled for two years.”

Super cotton-like fiber has attracted special attention of reporters. “It looks like cotton, feels like cotton, and wears like cotton”, which is a remarkable feature of super cotton-like fabric and finished products. However, many people may not know that this kind of fiber, which has finally become a best-selling product, has gone through a long period of nearly 10 years from project establishment, technology tackling to the transformation of technological achievements, industrialization promotion, and then to the hot selling of products, during which it is also full of all kinds of hardships.
Fortunately, today, the super cotton-like fiber project can be described as a “double bumper harvest” of economic and social benefits, and finally a satisfactory answer can be submitted to the industry. And all the experience of the project itself also demonstrates the research and development of new fiber varieties, industrialization and market promotion in China’s textile industry, and the exploration of “integrated development of production, education and research” and “development of the whole industry chain”.



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