Understanding "Machine Replacement Workers" in textile industry

Apr 17, 2019  |  by CT
In recent years, in order to alleviate the labor shortage and the rising cost of human resources in China's textile industry, "Machine Replacement Workers" has become a general trend in some economically developed textile areas. Highly automated production has brought about the improvement of product quality and efficiency, the decrease of unit energy consumption and the saving of labor cost. At the same time, there is a new strong demand for highly skilled operators. On the one hand, the number of front-line operators has been reduced, while the demand for all kinds of skilled personnel is urgent. The replacement of new and old equipment also puts forward higher requirements for the quality of employment and the level of talent in the industry, as in as mentioned in the report, "Machine Replacement Workers" will change the employment structure of the industry, increase the number of technical posts, and create new employment space and development momentum.

This change brings us an enlightenment: the future of textile industry is bound to shift from labor-intensive to technology-intensive development. The industry should actively guide and accelerate the training and promotion of industrial workers to provide broad space for the development of employees; at the same time, it reminds the young people to change their ideas: the textile fashion industry in the intelligent age will be more competitive and attractive, and become a new gathering place to attract talents.




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