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2017 China Textile Go Global Conference to be convened in Nanjing this September
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China’s textile industry is faced with various unprecedented challenges in the context of the complex challenges of the world economy, the profound evolution of the global industrial structure, and the accelerated transformation and upgrading of China’s economy, while ushering in more opportunities for development. Along with the firm and further promotion of national Belt and Road Initiative and the international capacity cooperation strategy, China’s textile industry is stepping up to a new stage to accelerate the global layout.
2017 China Textile Go Global Conference organized by China National Textile and Apparel Council is to be held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province on September 7th, which will be the third session after the successful “Go Global” activities in the textile industry in 2013 and 2015.
Themed on “Rooted in China  Eyes on the World”, the Conference aims to collect the wisdom of the industry and gather the power of the industry, for the related department of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, the backbone enterprises of the textile industry, domestic and foreign think tanks, industry organizations and other representatives will come together to build consensus on the new situation of textile industry, making in-depth discussion and exchanges in terms of the sound interaction between the industry’s domestic transformation and upgrading and the global layout under the Belt and Road Initiative.
Over the past two years, China’s textile industry accelerated its pace to “Go Global”. In particular, in 2016, the industry’s direct outward investment saw a record high. On the one hand, the backbone enterprises of the industry realized the internationalization of the productive forces and the supply chain through the active greenfield investment. On the other hand, they were actively engaged in the cross-border in-depth cooperation and control of high-quality resources such as raw materials, brands, channels and R&D, trying to be embedded in the world textile industrial chain at a higher level in order for new international competitive advantages. Shandong Ruyi Group and Jiangsu Tianyuan Garment Co., Ltd., as the leading and emerging representatives in the “Go Global” activities in the industry, will share their valuable experiences in the international investment layout strategy and intelligent production.
One highlight worth expectation in the following conference is the three special issues respectively from the international and domestic government departments, related institutions and industry organizations. Ethiopia Investment Committee and China National Textile and Apparel Council will for the first time in China issue “White Paper on Investment Opportunities in Ethiopia Textile and Apparel Industry”, while the Consumer Goods Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China and China National Textile and Apparel Council will jointly release “Investment Outlook on the Textile Industry in Southeast Asia”. In addition, the Social Responsibility Office of China National Textile and Apparel Council will issue the “Guide to China’s Textile Enterprises Overseas Investment Social Responsibility Management ”.
In the face of weak domestic demand and the picked-up export growth, some textile enterprises began to focus their attention on the overseas market in 2013 when the Belt and Road Initiative was just put forward and China’s textile industry was in a critical period to be powerful; however,
confined to the lack of related information, China textile industry presented a slow pace in “Going Global”. Under such a context, the first session of the conference came into being.
As an exchange activity about “Going Global” of a larger scale in the whole textile industry firstly organized by China National Textile and Apparel Council, the conference attracted the attention from all walks of life, and nearly 400 representatives from the relevant national ministries, business associations, embassies in China, and textile and garment enterprises attended the conference, while more than 20 representatives shared their thinking, experiences, wisdom and recommendations. The first China Textile Go Global Conference became the lamp to light up the path for the development of confused textile enterprises, causing a warm response inside and outside of the industry .
The second session came in 2015 when the textile industry tent to be stable in slow-paced development, but at that time, the scale of exports continued to decline accompanied by dropping in both volume and value, thus a lot of textile enterprises who had intended to go global were confused and hardly made any progression. At the scene of the conference, nearly 20 heavyweight guests shared their deep thinking and valuable experiences of the Belt and Road Initiative and “Going Global” Strategy, communicating from their respective perspectives on how the Chinese textile enterprises could seize the opportunities in the new situation to promote the international layout. After the conference, many colleagues said that the second session, like a strong impetus to the industry, not only made the textile business clear about the ideas the global layout, but also became a crucial pillar to promote the international layout process of China’s textile industry, driving a group of enterprises to go abroad.
Today, under the Belt and Road Initiative, the related countries have been actively participating in the relevant developments, plus the increasingly sound policies, regulations, and infrastructures, and coupled with the already formed certain scale of overseas layout of the “Going Global” enterprises in the early stage, the establishment of China Textile Go Global Union also makes more smooth way for the textile enterprises to go global. All parties would like to implement the initiative with the greatest enthusiasm. In this occasion, the third session of the conference will further stimulate the confidence and determination of powerful textile enterprises to go global, and even further promote China’s textile industry step into a new stage for the layout of international market.



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