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Persistent overheating of ITMA ASIA +CITME 2018 registration
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On June 19th, 2017, the registration system of ITMA ASIA +CITME 2018 came online officially. In the past five months, the exhibition recruitment work has obtained the general concentration of the industry. What is the biggest difference of this exhibition with the previous ones? What will the audiences and exhibitors get from this exhibition? What is the working emphasis of the sponsor in the next step? In order to answer all these questions, the journalist of the magazine interviewed the vice president of China Textile Machinery Association - Gu Ping.

The greatest change
 The increase and completion the product codes of three chapters
China Textile: Compared with the previous exhibitions, what is the greatest difference of this exhibition? What is the main reason of such changes?
Gu Ping: Compared with the previous exhibitions, the greatest difference of this exhibition is that we further complete the product code. In the exhibited content, the chapter nine - digital printing and chapter ten - garment machinery and other contents have been added.
Aimed at digital printing, the exhibition of 2018 has added the chapter nine, including printing machinery, digital printing, printing auxiliary machinery, accessory, ink and so on. As a matter of fact, as early as 2014, when we held exhibition in Shanghai Pudong, there was an independent printing hall.
As fashionability, short process, flexibility and rapid processing technology gradually prevails in foreign countries, the domestic enterprises also have increasing demands on this aspect step by step. Under this background, after conducting with European Textile Machinery Association, we take the printing equipment out of the original chapter eight and become an independent chapter. It does not mean that we want to enlarge the exhibition scale of the digital printing in National Exhibition Center. Our purpose of making such behavior is to provide better service supporting for the digital printing industry. At present, some digital printing devices indeed have some problems in speed, printing quality, cost, cost performance and many other aspects. We hope that more enterprises can further comprehend the supply of this aspect after detailing the codes. Meanwhile, we also expect to have a better promotion in solving these problems.
Moreover, we still set the innovative research division. This is the newly added content of the 18th chapter of the exhibit code. It is also the difference from the previous five chapters. It is the biggest change of this exhibition. For this exhibition, we are going to organize with some schools, research institutions, relevant standard and network units to display some directions and trends of the future development of the industry. It is worth emphasizing that the area out of the 15m2 exhibition area will no longer enjoy our exhibition preferential policy. We hope that the new technology, new change and new concept will participate in the future industrial upgrading process of this industry. Through this exhibition, people can enhance cooperation and exchange during the exhibition.

The biggest attraction
 Expected intelligent key technological breakthrough
China Textile: What is the basic condition of the last exhibition? The on-line registration work of the exhibition 2018 has lasted for five months. What characteristics does this exhibition display according to the present registration situation?
Gu Ping: If we look back to the exhibition in 2016, it is visible that this exhibition has become the most influential business event of the textile machinery industry in Asia and even the whole world. Not only the exhibition scale reaches a new record, the exhibits but also have frequent presentation of bright spots. Generally, it can be summarized from two aspects: firstly, the exhibition scale reaches the new record. It means that it has been recognized by many exhibitors. The exhibition in 2016 was firstly held in National Exhibition Center (Shanghai). It has initiated six exhibition halls of the first floor. 1,673 enterprises coming from 28 countries and regions attended the exhibition, with a year-on-year growth of 7%. The exhibition area exceeds 170,000 m2, with a year-on-year growth of 12%. Secondly, it has won a high recognition of the audiences. The exhibition was visited by over 100,000 audiences, who came from 102 countries and districts of the whole world. Over 20% of the visitors came from overseas countries.
Since the beginning of the on-line registration on June 19th, it has indeed attracted the positive participation of more enterprises. Many enterprises have attended several exhibitions before, so people are all active in the registration. According to the registration condition at present, it has reflected some characteristics and trends: firstly, people comprehend the rules very well; secondly, the exhibition area has increase of different degrees; thirdly, most exhibitors will display their new technologies, new products and new crafts. In particularly, the exhibition of the complete set of automatic and continuous equipment will be more highlighted, so as to lead the development of the whole industry.
China Textile: Intelligence as well as the Belt and Road Initiative are the hot points of the present development. Does this exhibition have any measure and plan in the two aspects? 
Gu Ping: In recent years, the percentage of equipment transformation in various enterprises has kept on increasing. For example, the percentage of long frame transformation has rapid growth; the auto-leveling application percentage also rises quickly; compact spinning has become the standard configuration of spun yarn long frame. At present, labor is the biggest problem. Difficult recruitment has become one of the bottlenecks of the industry. Under this background, the promotion of intelligence has become the consensus of the enterprises. As to the intelligence, the current guidance direction of the government mainly includes the following aspects: establish the demonstration area; complete manufacturing standard; promote the intelligent manufacturing supplier alliance; develop internet+; big data and artificial intelligence.
At present, there is one year to go from the exhibition in 2018. In the past one year, we really observed the genuine improvement of the industry. On the theme of intelligent manufacturing, we believe that the breakthroughs of intelligent manufacturing in various industrial divisions are also expectable. Our six intelligent manufacturing demonstration lines issued by the “13th Five-Year Program” of the textile industry will be sure to have a good performance. For the exhibition of 2018, we have two striving directions: the first is to satisfy the demand of the entire industrial upgrading; the second is to provide all required quick service for establishing an enterprise for overseas audiences. We have visited some enterprises. We are looking forward to a platform to have concentrated display of the solutions. On the exhibition of 2018, we will open up some new areas, so as to display the completed set of solutions of the equipment and satisfy the demands of the audiences on this aspect.
Recently, especially in 2017, people have indeed realized the acceleration of the entire industrial upgrading. Many enterprises paid attention to the field of intelligent manufacturing. The intelligent manufacturing we emphasized is an overall industrial chain concept, including the main engine, auxiliary engine, special part, software and so on. For example, once the flat knitting machine is used to weave sweaters, it can take shape once. However, the flat knitting machine manufacturing enterprise cannot only sell machines, but also provide corresponding bundled software, so as to realize the whole industrial chain support from design, manufacturing, dying, washing, packing, sales and so on, thus further realizing transforming from the manufacturing enterprise to service enterprise. This awareness of whole industrial chain service will have more significant reflection in the exhibition in 2018.
In addition to intelligence, the propose of the Belt and Road Initiative has also brought tremendous development opportunity to the industrial development. In recruiting audiences for the exhibition in 2018, we will emphasize on making some publications on the exhibitions of the countries and regions along the Belt and Road. We hope more audiences will come to understand the entire technical level and improvement of the Chinese textile enterprises.

The h
ighest expectation
 The answers for transforming and upgrading can all be found
China Textile: What is the key work of the sponsor in the next step? What is the main target of this exhibition?
Gu Ping: In the next step, the sponsor mainly has three focuses in working: firstly, further intensify the propaganda strength in the altered and added exhibits’ codes (garment machinery, printing machinery, research and innovation institution); secondly, continue to visit enterprises and study the exhibition condition and direction with the enterprises in the relevant areas according to the work division of the association; thirdly, according to the present visiting condition, it has been found that the industry has various demands on the industrial products, without knowing how to solve or who can solve. The association will further strengthen the communication with the enterprises and guide the enterprises to increase the exhibition of the downstream application cases and products.
One target of our exhibition is to attract exhibitors with full efforts and guide the development centering on industrial upgrading and enterprise demand. The enterprises in different fields will have diversified speeds in realizing industrial upgrading. However, this trend will not change. During the exhibition, the enterprises of different categories will find their answers for the upgrading and transforming of their own.
China Textile: How do you think of the development tendencies of the industry and exhibition in 2018?
Gu Ping: From January to August in 2017, the textile machinery industry has realized the double-digit growth. Such a condition has never happened. It also means that our speed of technological improvement, upgrading and transforming is accelerating. It indicates that the growth trend of the entire textile machine industry is sound.
From the entire national economy, the industrial condition in 2018 is also optimistic. IMF regulated the growth expectation of the world economy in 2017 and 2018 to be 3.6% and 3.7% respectively in the World Economic Outlook in October. Moreover, 75% of the global economic entities will accelerate in 2017. In recent ten years, so many economic entities have been growing and accelerating. 2018 is the key period of the “13th Five-Year Program” in China. We believe that the textile machinery industry will continue to prolong its growth trend of progressing in stability. Under this background, the exhibitors will surely make more investments. The exhibition is also deserved our expectation.
As to the exhibition in 2018, after going through the two-year innovation and development, we expect to have more digital, automatic, intelligent, energy-saving, emission reductive, green and environmental, high speedy, high efficient machines and devices being displayed. As to the newly added product code area, we also look forward to making more contributions for industrial upgrading and technological improvement through the effective guidance and promotion.
Because it is the second time to hold the exhibition in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), we have accumulated a certain experiences in field administration. Our inner management team will put great efforts to improve according to the discovered problems as well as the opinions and suggestions put forward by the exhibitors and audiences, so as to create a more convenient, thoughtful and high efficient exhibition environment.



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