Bu Xiaoqiang wins the Laurel of Le Grandi Guglie della Grande Milano

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On October, 30th, as an important constituent part of Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week 2018 Spring and Summer Series, Beijing Fashion Forum • Buyer Summit was held in DHUB Activity Area, 79 Tank Zone, 751D • PARK in Beijing. The organizers of the fashion industry, experts of fashion market, fashion buyers, principals of fashion industrial parks, medias, fashion designers, brand owners from China, Italy and the United States gather together to conduct in-depth discussion to the opportunities and challenges for the development of the domestic and overseas buyer system as well as the prospect of the international cooperation in the formats of keynote speech, theme interaction and so on.

In the summit, the prize awarding ceremony of one of the most influential national honors in Italy -  Le Grandi Guglie della Grande Milano was held ceremoniously. The president of Guangdong Costume Industry Association, chairman of Guangdong International Fashion and Art Research Institute, general manager of Guangzhou Kapok International Fashion City - Bu Xiaoqing was awarded the national honor - Le Grandi Guglie della Grande Milano by Italian Great Milan Research Center for his contribution to the beneficial exploration of the integrated exploration of the fashion in China and Italy as well as the friendly relationship of the two countries. This is the first time for the renowned Italian national award to be rewarded to a foreign personage. In addition, this is also the first overseas awarding.
In the awarding speech, the leading authority in the fashion world and the honorary president of Italy National Fashion Association - Mario Boselli expressed that when the award was nominated at the beginning, everybody was greatly shocked because this award had never been conferred to any foreign personage. However, when the achievement of Mr. Bu Xiaoqiang in the fashion area was displayed and strictly examined and assessed, the members of the judging panel reached an agreement to give extremely high acceptance to the nomination of the award.
In the testimonials given by Bu Xiaoqiang, he expressed that this honor belonged to all groups and individuals making contributions to promote the fashion cooperation between China and Italy. In the process of the integrative development of China-Italy fashion circle, with the guidance of the professional committees such as China National Textile and Apparel Council, China National Garment Association, China Fashion Association, Circulation Branch of China National Textile and Apparel Council, he has conducted some works in connecting the Chinese fashion industry with the international. The significance of this honor lies in it is not only the recognition of human efforts, but also a confirmation of the thorough connection between Chinese fashion and the international market for many years.
Bu Xiaoqiang was military originated. He used to be the civil servant, leader of a state-owned company and went into business. In 2015, he was selected as the president of Guangdong Costume Industry Association. He has been honored as the leading figure of China Textile and Garment Industry, innovative figure of China Textile and Garment Industry, excellent entrepreneur in Guangdong Province for several times. For several years, he led Guangzhou Kapok International Fashion City to fetch the essences of the international fashion. He has established extensive communication and cooperation with the fashion circles in Korea, Italy, France, the United States and so on, so as to feed back to the proprietary brands in China and constitute the advanced fashion system, thus having excellent exploits in promoting the development of the domestic proprietary brands.
In 2013, promoted by Bu Xiaoqiang, the authentic Milan Fashion Show was brought into the professional market platform in China-Guangzhou Kapok International Fashion City for the first time. In addition, he facilitated the convergence of Italian designers with Chinese designers and our proprietary brands, thus creating the original “European Floor” successfully. The Operation Development of the Channels for European Branded Garments was established to get through professional channels for European brands to enter into Chinese market and promote the professional market to transform from wholesale sales into branding and fashion-orientation. Currently, the branding grade in Guangzhou Kapok International Fashion City has been improved dramatically. The proprietary brands connected with the international market has been increased to be over 60%.

As the growth of the domestic design strength in the clothing industry and the continuous rising of the original brands, Bu Xiaoqing led the excellent proprietary brands to investigate and visit centergross in Bologna, Italy, cisnola special wholesales market of clothes in Naples as well as the related enterprises in Florence. He still organized entrepreneurs to go to Domus Academy, Polytechnic University of Milan and Shenzhen Graduate School, Tsinghua University to study. Moreover, he invited designers of Italy to go into the plants of the proprietary brands in China for “diagnosis” and investigation, thus helping the proprietary brands to break through the bottleneck of designing, marketing and modern administrating, so as to realize brand transition.
In 2014, Bu Xiaoqiang initiated to establish Guangdong International Fashion Art Culture Research Institute with perspectiveness, devoting to fill in the blanket of the domestic authoritative tread publication. He invited the creative director of Milan International Fashion Week-Matteo Bardi and art director-Orietta Pelizzari and collected a batch of designers from various places in the world. Through holding a series of trend research, fashion publication and activities, he has promoted the fashion connotation of the textile garment industry in Guangdong province and further explored the area of China-Italy cooperation. In recent years, the retail outlet and circulation channel in domestic trade have welcomed the reform. The traditional exhibition and trade formats are challenged. Bu Xiaoqiang caught the new tendency of the international business acutely. He brought in the showroom model into China and cooperated with numerous designer brands in Italy to create the HIVE SHOWROOM. After the devoted operation of almost four years, it has become one of the most active showroom brands in the Chinese fashion area at present.
A variety of his efforts have enabled the cooperation of China-Italy fashion circle to have continuous innovations and achievements. Moreover, he also paved a new path for the fashion cooperation between Guangdong and Italy. Bu Xiaoqing’s own influence is also expanding increasingly in the fashion circle of Italy. He is named as one of the most influential Chinese in the fashion circle in Italy.
The integration in his mind: the future of the fashion just lies in the cooperation between China and Italy. With the influence of the slow growth of the global economy and the upgrading of the Chinese consumption market, the fashion industry in China is changing quickly. Bu Xiaoqing believes that China has become the test field of all latest trends. All these changes are both opportunities and challenges for the local enterprises in China and the overseas brands seeking for development in China. 
After winning the prize, Bu Xiaoqiang said when he was interviewed: “The Italian fashion circle rather thinks highly of the current development in China. The productions of Italian designers can have better settlement combined with the market like China. The China-Italy fashion cooperation has a bright future and a promising development. It can be said that the future of the fashion exactly lies in the cooperation between China and Italy.”




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