March ,2011

Issue:Period Date:2011-04-05

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Pages:166 Broese:3857
It's a 64 page monthly publication, giving out information related to a wider range of areas of interests in the whole Chinese textile related industries, containing cotton textile, wool textile , bast fiber textile, silk textile, man-made fiber industry, hometextile industry, technical textile & non-woven industry, apparel (knit & woven), textile


The editor-in-chief of China Textile holds two official positions as Director of International Trade Office of China National Textile and Apparel Council, a national confederation of all textile-related industries, and Vice President of China Knitting Industry Association.
As the most important promoting arm of China National Textile and Apparel Council, China Textile also makes great endeavor in widening service areas. From industrial information collecting and filtrating, database constructing and analyzing to overseas investment consulting, you could obtain all above here as a whole service chain. It holds the rich experience to organize and promote all kinds of business visiting, industrial forum and commercial conference.
Official background, professional resource channels, smart international business olfaction and practicability for market, established the definite leadership of China Textile as a textile industrial publication. It is the best bridge between China Textile and apparel enterprises and abroad, promising international buyers to know manufacturers in China directly.