“Tex-Summit Global – Sustainable Trends and Demand” witnessed a success in Barcelona

Jul 11, 2019  |  by CT

In the afternoon of June 20th, local time, sponsored by China National Textile and Apparel Council and the People’s Government of Shaoxing, jointly organized by China Textile Magazine, Shaoxing Keqiao District People’s Government, and the Management Committee of Shaoxing Keqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone, supported by the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF), Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers, Spanish Textile Machinery Manufactures, China Textile Machinery Association, China Dyeing and Printing Association, and The Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT, Tex-Summit Global was held in Fira De Barcelona, Spain.

Distinguished guests from China National Textile and Apparel Council, International Textile Manufactures Federation, European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers, Shaoxing City and Keqiao District People’s Government, representatives of EU - China Industrial Park, China dyeing and printing enterprises, Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers (ACIMIT), Spanish Textile Machinery Manufactures - amec amtex, and Swiss Textile Machinery Association, as well as more than 200 CEOs and heads of textile machinery enterprises from Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Germany, the United States, Argentina, Pakistan, South Africa, India, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, Turkey, China, China Hong Kong, and other 30 countries and regions participated in the forum. The forum was chaired by Zhao Hong, Vice President of China Knitting Industry Association.

Zhao Hong, Vice President of China Knitting Industry Association

The gathering of big names makes it difficult to find a seat on the forum site. In the summer of 2019, Tex-Summit Global wrote a brilliant chapter in Barcelona.
2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC. It is the key year to build a well-off society in an all-round way, implement the 13th Five-Year Program and basically build a textile power. After 40 years of opening practice, China’s textile industry has made remarkable achievements. It has become a key force to support the healthy and stable operation of the world textile industry system and an important industrial platform to promote global economic and cultural cooperation. With the interweaving of global textile industry chain and value chain, China’s connection and development with the world are becoming more and more close, and the breadth and depth of integration become more prominent. As a key link to enhance the added value of the industry, green dyeing and printing development is particularly urgent. At present, China’s dyeing and printing industry is accelerating toward the middle and high-end, and urgently needs the coordinated management and innovation of the global industrial chain to build smart textiles.
Standing at a new starting point, China’s textile industry has entered a new stage of transformation and upgrading, high-quality development, “science and technology, fashion, sustainability” has become a new status and new label of textile industry development in the new era. In the new era, new entrances, new modes and new interfaces of the industry are constantly emerging, the development of Internet of Things, big data, AI and other technologies are constantly changing the production and operation modes, promoting industrial intelligence and service transformation; the deepening of human-based responsibility, environmental responsibility and market responsibility, the growing popularity of the concept of green low-carbon cycle development, the new textile pattern needs to be reshaped urgently, and the industrial value is about to undergo a major adjustment. Promoting the high-quality development of the textile industry is China’s transformation and world opportunity to realize the prosperity of the global textile industry.
This forum has interpreted the development trend of China’s textile industry and related policies this year, as well as the outlook for the development of the global textile industry and the global textile machinery trade data. At the same time, it specifically addressed the problems and opportunities in the development of the global printing, dyeing and finishing industry, and carried out extensive and in-depth discussions on the issue of textile intelligentization to help the textile industry improve quality and efficiency.
At the forum, Mr. Fritz P. Mayer, President of the European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers, Gao Yong, Party Secretary & Secretary-General of China National Textile and Apparel Council, and Sheng Yuechun, Mayor of the Shaoxing Municipal People’s Government delivered speeches.

Mr. Fritz P. Mayer 

Mr. Fritz P. Mayer said in his opening speech that “The Tex-Summit Global with the theme, Sustainable Trends and Demand, is timely. Participants will be able to learn about China’s textile industry development trends and policies, global textile industry outlook and insights into the challenges and opportunities in global dyeing, printing and finishing sectors. They will also be able to hear from leading experts on how intelligent technologies can contribute to a cleaner and greener textile industry.”

Mr. Gao Yong 

In the speech, Mr. Gao Yong interpreted the development status of China’s textile industry and the new characteristics of China’s textile industry. He pointed out that the main economic operation indicators of China’s textile industry achieved positive growth in 2018, but the external environment became more severe in 2019. He emphasized that at present, there are many new features in the development of China’s textile industry, mainly because enterprises are more interested in going global to build factories. “Internet +” is changing the status quo of China’s textile industry, and technological innovation is constantly injecting new impetus into the industry, “green” sustainable development has gradually become mainstream.

Mr. Sheng Yuechun

Mr. Sheng Yuechun said in his speech that Barcelona has a strong economic strength and relatively developed industry, especially the world leader in automation and intelligent technology of textile machinery manufacturing. Keqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone in Shaoxing City has the largest green dyeing and printing manufacturing base in China, with an annual dyeing and printing capacity of more than 16 billion meters, a vast market and abundant resources. It has a strong complementarity and correlation with Barcelona’s industrial economic development. He sincerely hopes that the two sides can seek common development and share the future, deepen cooperation between China and the West and achieve more fruitful results.

Dr. Christian Schindler

Dr. Christian Schindler
, Director General of International Textile Manufacturers Federation, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Competition Drives Innovation in the Textile Industry”. He introduced what is the driving force of the current textile industry, which countries are investing, and what are the expectations for future development. He emphasized competition-driven pricing strategy and technological innovation, and pointed out that China’s competitiveness in the textile and apparel industry is still strong.
He presented various trade statistics that indicated the countries that are growing across the world. “Changing consumption patterns, growth in online retail, decrease in energy consumption and recycling, etc as the main drivers of this change,” he noted.
“However, continuing political tensions in Turkey, elections in India and trade dispute in China have impacted the buyer sentiments,” Schindler added. Suggesting, what to expect from future, he noted, “Investing in high technology, increasing productivity and depending less on human resource to balance the labor cost increase, increasing consumption of polyester fibre and polyester filament will reduce water consumption, chemical process, energy consumption, driving the industry to next level.
He also indicated based on the statistics, design development and manufacturing with new bio based fibers, digital printing, product development based on integration of supply chain and intelligent manufacturing with reducing cost, better automation, productivity, flexibility and quick market response are the trends that are being foreseen.

Mr. Chen Zhihua

Mr. Chen Zhihua, President of China Dyeing and Printing Industry Association, delivered a keynote speech entitled “The endogenous power of sustainable development of dyeing and printing industry”. He introduced and interpreted the three aspects of “high-quality dyeing and printing product design and manufacture”, “intelligent manufacturing” and “advanced technology of energy saving and emission reduction”. He emphasized that scientific and technological innovation is the most important driving force for the transformation, upgrading and sustainable development of the dyeing and printing industry.

Mr. Patrick Wong

Mr. Patrick Wong
, China Sales Director of CHTC Fong’s International Co., Ltd., gave a keynote speech entitled “To meet the market need and trend on Complete Solution for Smart Dyeing and Finishing in Textile Industry”, emphasizing what CHTC Fong’s has perceived and done in Chinese market. “In China market, it is not simply to run textile dyeing and finishing green when dealing with the policy of environmental issues. Our customers in China, under the circumstances, they have also to run their dye houses sustainable enough for global competition. Energy saving, less manpower, high efficiency and quality assurance etc., are the factors concerned. Besides, innovation of technology so as to deal with quick response in supply chain is required to meet the satisfaction of fashion brands. Running the dye houses smart is necessary.”
According to Mr. Patrick Wong, in 2018, the total output of dyed and finished fabric in China is about 49 billion meters, yearly growth at 2.6%. The total product value is up to more than 40 billion U.S. dollars, yearly growth at around 3%. The profit of textile printing and dyeing industry sums up to 2.25 billion U.S. dollars, yearly growth at about 18%. 8 major items of exported fabrics including cotton dyed and finished fabric contribute total 26.6 billion U.S. dollars, growth at 6.65% resulting in a total trade surplus of 22.77 billion U.S. dollars. These figures indicate that the demand of dyeing & finishing equipment in China is still enormous. The volume of textile industry in China remains strong and energetic. It is still standing in the leading position of the world.
He also introduced that CHTC Fong’s is to set up a production base for manufacturing auxiliary devices for smart dyeing and finishing system in Keqiao, Shaoxing, China. “Shaoxing has become the center of finished fabrics in China meanwhile moving towards as the fabric world center of textile. We are confident our work put in Keqiao, Shaoxing will allow us to be more successful. ”

Mr. Gu Ren

Mr. Gu Ren,
 President of Changzhou Hongda Technology (Group), introduced “Leading Hawkvision artificial intelligence technology for the global textile industry”. Mr. Gu Ren pointed out that the intelligent products of Changzhou Hongda Technology (Group) occupied the leading position in the domestic dyeing and printing industry market and technology, and the online detection system of dyeing and printing process parameters occupied more than 80% of the domestic market, leading the technological progress in this field. HAWK VISION takes the world’s leading on-line detection device and system of textile dyeing and printing process parameters as its core advantage, and uses the new generation of industrial Internet, big data, artificial intelligence technology to lead the textile dyeing and printing industry into a new era of development.

Mr. Li Chuanhai

Mr. Li Chuanhai, President of Keqiao Dyeing and Printing Association, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Sustainable development for a smart future”. He pointed out that the textile dyeing and printing industry must develop digitally and intelligently. Green development is the eternal theme. How to achieve new breakthroughs in textile dyeing and printing industry and how to achieve new breakthroughs in fashion creativity should be innovated forever.

Mr. Jürgen Ströhle

Mr. Jürgen Ströhle,
 CTO of Benninger AG, also an officially UNIDO Expert for “Environmental sound textile production”, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Sustainable textile finishing process”, pointing out that market demands are permanently changing, and Benninger masters market changes since 160 years, for example, “Continuous Open Width is the most efficient way to save planet resources.” Benninger high efficient washing can save 70% water, and the CPB Dyeing is salt free dyeing at liquor ratio 1:1.

Ms. Adele Genoni

Ms. Adele
 Genoni, Vice President and General Manager of EFI Reggiani, delivered a keynote speech entitled “EFI Reggiani Innovation Trendsetter”. She introduced that EFI Reggiani is blazing a path to the next level of the industry with their new products for the customers’ benefit from such aspects as performance and productivity, reliability and low maintenance, cost effectiveness, full green process and new applications. EFi Reggiani is at the edge of technology in terms of continuous ink recirculation system, proprietary electronics and software, higher uniformity printing modes, new recirculation print head integration, and pigment with binder.
Ms. Adele Genoni emphasized EFi Reggiani BOLT at ITMA 2019 which is mainly featured with unparalleled speed, no time lost for maintenance, superior coverage and printing uniformity, compact footprint, proprietary IP combining digital and rotary technologies for special effects and hybrid solutions, and competitive ROI thanks to high productivity and unmatched reliability.
EFi Reggiani is close to the Chinese customers, building customer relationships through a worldwide network. EFi Reggiani offers global support as well as a wide range of locally tailored services, such as quick reaction time, technological assistance, intimate knowledge of individual markets, support of technical experts, customized services, logistic facilities and processes, spare parts supply and distribution, and local language support.

Mr. Zhao Rulang

Mr. Zhao Rulang, the head of Keqiao District People’s Government of Shaoxing City, comprehensively introduced the current situation and future development direction of Keqiao District of Shaoxing City with the theme of “Charming Shaoxing, Silk Road in Keqiao”. Mr. Zhao Rulang said that Keqiao will make every effort to build a science and technology city with an area of 80 square kilometers, to become a gathering high-tech area of high-level talents; continuously improve traditional industries such as textile dyeing and printing, and introduce modern industries such as new materials and artificial intelligence.

Mr. Li Guogang

Mr. Li Guogang, Deputy Secretary of the Party and Labor Committee of the Management Committee of Keqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shaoxing, made a panoramic perspective of Shaoxing Technological Development Zone.
The convening of this forum is not only the concrete manifestation and sincerity of China’s market to continue to expand reform and opening up and seek global cooperation, but also the determination and confidence of China’s textile industry to accelerate transformation, build a bright future of “science and technology, fashion and sustainability” textiles and build a global textile destiny community. China’s textile industry is willing to engage with the most advanced technology, management and mode of the world in an all-round and deep way with a more open mind, and jointly explore a new mode and path of mutual benefit and win-win situation.
Agreement Signing
During the conference, Shaoxing Keqiao District People’s Government signed strategic cooperation agreement with Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers (ACIMIT) and Spanish Textile Machinery Manufactures - amec amtex respectively. 

In addition, enterprise representatives from Shaoxing Keqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone signed strategic cooperation agreements with investors from the Europe:  Wichelhaus GmbH & Co. KG and Shaoxing Shumei Knitting Co., Ltd.; LAWER S.P.A and Zhejiang Yingfeng Technology Co., Ltd.







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