The love of capital and dream of fashion

Dec 14, 2017  |  by Zhao Zhipeng, Chai Li
Just as the artists treat their own productions, it is full of passion and they would exhaust all they have. So it is the capitalists regarding their own productions. They are dreaming of integrating capitals with no exaggerations in the best times to tailor and comprehend their behaviors with the sculptured curve feelings.
The innovation of the fashion industry is essentially the simple customer experience. The world has already entered into a new economy transition cycle with innovation as the king. The social development is linear. The destinies of many brands will change because of innovation while some other brands will also have another change because of scholasticism. Standing on the track of the times, the capital is looking for new directions quickly. Whether it is cold winter or not, it is always coming and going in the wave.
The scientific and technological products attracted the capital. The strategic layout of the high scientific and technological development innovated the fashion industry and motivated the new market competition, such as the high-quality sports and leisure products, wears of climbing and exercising, sportswear for Golf, navigation wear, flying wear, leisure and slim wear in driving travelling and so on. They are recognized by the people paying attention to life details and fashion trends. The brand conferences of these fashion industries start to prevail in the development strategy. The corresponding capital is also attracted by the vigorous industry.
 In recent days, RiBo Fashion invests RMB 30 million into the transboundary sports wear industry. In the future, the company will increase the investment and cooperation, conduct several types of operation means, and prevent from operation risks. As RiBo Fashion becomes successful, the capital resource will be conducted strategic layout after being listed. The capital also loves the multivariant and changeable consumption demands, prefers this new concept of distinct style and promotes the innovation competitive force of the fashion industry. Moreover, the value-added service and brand education of the fashion industry must also be increased. The purpose of the brand education philosophy is to forge the ID of the brand image. This is a position with extremely high technical innovation. The birth of the national brand consultant solves the traditional idea of Chinese entrepreneurs to practice alone, instead they can understand the strengths of the distinctive high intelligent software talents. The international brand experts still believe that the hardware device of China has been the first-class in the world. However, the talent software still has vacant and even the running off phenomenon.
The capital requires the acute insight and visual thinking. The industrial textile and garment fashion industry still requires thoroughly tempered wise man. The “crisis” of the industry can be described by the existence of “danger” and “opportunity”. The brand consultant has the possibility of eliminating crisis and trap. In the past, many entrepreneurs are willing to pay tens of millions of or even hundreds of millions of funds to buy the hardware equipment. However, few entrepreneurs will spend hundreds of thousands of or millions of funds on the brand consultants. The development program of the capital market realizes success relying on the concentrated research of professional experts. Never have the fantasy that the capital will provide timely help to you. The capital market will be a kind of industrial tendency emotion. “Customer-oriented” philosophy rises represented by the new generation technologies of internet, big data and cloud computing. A digital revolution is rising as a storm in the fashion industry in China. The preference of the capital to digitization has changed and forged the digital fashion brand.
According to the calculation of Mckinsey Global Research Institute, it is estimated that the internet will contribute for 7% - 22% in the total GDP growth amount in China, which equals to the annual total GDP volume of RMB 4000 billion to RMB 14000 billion. In this best time, each brand is putting great efforts to innovate and improve, so as to keep on satisfying the multivariant and polytropic consumption demand and promote its own brand image responsibility actively. Entrepreneurs think more about how to utilize the flexible strength to break through the leverage effect of the fashion industry and the traditional thinking model, thus being the practitioners of the brands with overall upgrading and strict administration.
Comprehending the essentials of innovation from behaviors. The love and hatred stories of the capital market are just as the commending ceremony of Hollywood. The social influence of the commercial culture is becoming more and more powerful. The capital market is more similar to be a followed invested Hollywood movie to the fashion industry. The commercial value is the first in consideration, followed by the development scheme of the epitasis as well as the macro and poignant layout, and then the dreaming creating record of refreshing the historical record. This is the game of the capital, isn’t it? The best economy! The worst is capital? No! The best economy! The best capital operation is too look for the best talents and the most trustworthy teams. For example, the management value investment of A stock is to find good enterprises. The love of capitals is also such an intoxicating poem. What it reads is not the sea, instead it is a fish which takes time to fishing. However, is the fished a goldfish or a crocodile? It requires to be verified in the speechless times.
The capital wants to express that it is not easy to say loving you. Nobody dares to say that he/she is an investment talent. However, usually people dare to say that he/she is a fashion talent. Please attention that: this expressing mean is a kind of emotion itself. One is very intelligent and one is very sensible. There is no right or wrong. A good innovation is actually rare. We can generate a kind of reverence mind to the arrival of the capital. We carry the dreams, missions and calls with us. We can also accept the tendency of the fashion industrial transformation and upgrading and evaluate the value of a good fashion, creative and innovative brand most authoritatively.



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